#SaturdaySchool - Hosted by @ProfRagsdale

#SaturdaySchool started as a weekly hashtag chat about academics and rights-based issues — but it’s more than that. It’s an idea about protesting misinformation that is funded by corporate media and perpetuated by ignorance. #SaturdaySchool is a weekly digital teach-in intended to cross social media platforms. It doesn’t even have to happen on Saturday. A teach-in is a kind of protest that involves boycotting a previous behavior to learn and teach. That’s what #SaturdaySchool is all about.

A Labor Rights Primer


Although the struggle for labor rights has been going on for a very long time, many people aren’t very familiar with what these rights are and what they mean for us. Just to be clear, human rights are rights that belong to all humans, regardless of nationality, sex, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, ideology, etc. Civil […]

Making And Seeing Strong Arguments

Critical Thinking

Making and seeing strong arguments is crucial to democratic governments, human rights advances, and in sustainable development. Finding and confronting problematic evidence, faulty arguments, and logical fallacies helps us confront obstacles to political and social change. Learning and teaching critical thinking skills is an essential and ongoing foundation of social justice work. It’s more than that […]

#SaturdaySchool: Racial Violence and Police Brutality #Sept6CTA

Overpass Light Brigade - Hands Up Don't Shoot

Mike Brown and Eric Garner are just two of the more recent examples of men of color dying at the hands of a police officer in the United States. American history is full of examples of racial violence in the form of police brutality. Today’s saturday school discusses not the history of the subject, but […]

@ProfRagsdale’s #SaturdaySchool: Legal Help and Legal Research

Cornell Law School Library

This is the first #SaturdaySchool post @FunkandBeans has done since Standing Up to Bullying, and it is fitting that it is such an important topic.  Understanding the intricacies of American jurisprudence and legal processes often takes years of studying and thousands of dollars in training.  The cost of a trained lawyer is out of reach […]

@ProfRagsdale and #SaturdaySchool Making Social Media Waves

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@ProfRagsdale’s weekly teach-in, #SaturdaySchool, has been a social media agent of change and awareness for more than two years.  Since beginning #SaturdaySchool in 2011, @ProfRagsdale has used @Twitter as a medium to share ideas, expand awareness about important topics such as domestic violence and social justice education, and create a network of like-minded thinkers and […]

The League of Hashtag Heroes: A Social Justice Hashtags Collection


Although hashtags are often portrayed as superficial and fleeting trends, they are much more than that for many of us. Social justice hashtags are places to meet, share info, and find others with similar beliefs and values. The power of these digital spaces is immense, and those who use them know it. The list is […]

#SaturdaySchool: Standing Up to Bullying

Stop Bullying

I’ve often heard that bullying happens until you stand up to a bully; victims are even sometimes told that it’s their own fault for not handling the bullying on their own. However, the truth of it is that bullying often continue and sometimes get much worse when the targets of it assert themselves. Standing up […]

#SaturdaySchool – Religion: Freedom Of and Freedom From

Let No One Define Your Spirituality

Although it will not be the main focus of this teach-in, the presentations of witches each year at Halloween inspired this topic. Disfigured green faces and evil vixens perpetuate a very old and pernicious stereotype that was created by religious intolerance to manipulate and coerce. Self-identified witches are not taken seriously and often made into […]

#SaturdaySchool: Food Access and Food Justice

Food Insecurity Visualized

Anyone with a basic understanding of our hierarchy of needs realizes we cannot focus on much else if we don’t have our basic physical needs met. Food and food justice is a basic foundation to human rights and positive, progressive human development. Food insecurity, malnutrition, and food worker abuses have ripple effects across the globe — […]

#SaturdaySchool: Use Your Pain

Survivor Image from NotThisGirl.com

From domestic abuse to natural disasters or institutional oppression, trauma wreaks havoc in the emotional, physical, spiritual, sexual, and economic lives of those it touches.  The aftermath is often an additional traumatic experience, exacerbated by a society that tends to blame victims. Many carry the open wounds of abuse and trauma for the rest of their […]

#SaturdaySchool: Police Abuses

Classic Poster Redone by Shepherd Fairey

Growing up the child of a cop/detective, my first stories of those in uniform were centered around the idea that they were brave men and women dedicated to two goals for the people: to protect and to serve. As I grew older, studied more, and lived a little, I began to feel those words “protect […]

#SaturdaySchool: Shameless Sex and Gender


Many of us grew up being shamed for the way we were exploring our sexuality or gender as children.  It continues regularly for adults too. This shame of such personal areas of our lives is difficult to hold at bay, but the fight is worth it.  Shame makes it easier to manipulate us — and […]

#SaturdaySchool: When Will Slavery End?

Human Trafficking Visualized

Although slavery and human trade are outlawed, wars have been waged for emancipation, and documents drafted to uphold the basic human right of freedom, the evil practice is widespread. Although many Americans would like to believe this happens more in distant places than at home, the United States is amongst the worst offenders. Across the […]

#SaturdaySchool: Changing Our Consumerist Ways

Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Waterson

Advertisements for brands and products are pressed onto us by a deluge of industries. These industries support an economy that promotes consumerist values for the gain of few at the expense of many. How can we resist this? What could possibly change this onslaught of values based on acquiring and consuming? Stop buying so much […]

#SaturdaySchool: Advice for New College Students

Photo Courtesy of http://www.freeimagehosting.net

This week we are sharing useful resources for new and returning college students and their professors. Undergraduate and Graduate students are returning to campuses across the country. Help us help them by sharing your knowledge. What did you wish you knew when you stepped foot on campus? Are you a non-traditional student? How did that […]

#SaturdaySchool: Human Rights

Human Rights Statement

Human rights — the idea that every human has rights we are born with — is still an idea. Although many work to promote human rights, many others work for profit, greed, and power. The struggle to define, justify, and solidify human rights for all people is ongoing, and we know that education and compassion […]

#SaturdaySchool: A Protest of Myth-Making Misinformers

#SaturdaySchool: La Educación es un Derecho

#SaturdaySchool started as a weekly hashtag chat about academics and rights-based issues — but it’s more than that. It’s an idea about protesting misinformation that is funded by corporate media and perpetuated by ignorance . #SaturdaySchool is a weekly digital teach-in intended to cross social media platforms. It doesn’t even have to happen on Saturday. […]

#SaturdaySchool: MTV & Social Change in the U.S.

#SaturdaySchool: MTV & Social Change in the US

In this week’s #SaturdaySchool @ABoyNamedArt & @ProfRagsdale discussed MTV and the role of music videos as tools of various social rights campaigns over the last forty years. Since its debut in August of 1981, MTV (Music Television) has served as the cultural outlet for youth-oriented musical genres. From rock-n-roll and new wave to hip-hop and […]