#SaturdaySchool: Standing Up to Bullying

I’ve often heard that bullying happens until you stand up to a bully; victims are even sometimes told that it’s their own fault for not handling the bullying on their own. However, the truth of it is that bullying often continue and sometimes get much worse when the targets of it assert themselves. Standing up the bullying requires a group effort — no one should be left to do it alone. It’s also important to identify behaviors rather than label people.The harmful effects of bullying include emotional, psychological, physical, academic, social, and economic damage. Learn and share information about preventing, identifying, and responding to bullying in it’s many forms and why it’s such a big deal.


So what is #SaturdaySchool?
Find out here: A Protest of Myth-Making Misinformers


Stop Bullying

Stop Bullying

Websites and Organizations

Articles, Videos, Posts, Etc.


The Following Resources are Provided By: 
Melonie A. Fullick – PhD Candidate, Faculty of Education (PSE), York University
HomePage // LinkedIn // Speculative Diction blog // @qui_oui

Emotional/Physical/Sexual Abuse

Academic bullying & harassment (universities; faculty, students, admin)

Online Bullying

The Following Resources Are Provided by Dr. Kim Wilson (@phillyprof03)

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