#SaturdaySchool – Religion: Freedom Of and Freedom From

Although it will not be the main focus of this teach-in, the presentations of witches each year at Halloween inspired this topic. Disfigured green faces and evil vixens perpetuate a very old and pernicious stereotype that was created by religious intolerance to manipulate and coerce. Self-identified witches are not taken seriously and often made into villains; others are persecuted globally with accusations of witchcraft. However, accusing someone of witchcraft would have little weight if religious freedom were valued. But this is only one of many offenses against those who dare not to practice one the world’s major religions. Additionally, religious factions war against each other all the time – we know this. Atheists are also attacked, dismissed, ignored, hushed, and worse. The devastation created by not valuing human rights — freedom of religion and freedom from religion – will not be stopped with more intolerance.

So what is #SaturdaySchool?
Find out here: A Protest of Myth-Making Misinformers
Let No One Define Your Spirituality

Let No One Define Your Spirituality

This #SaturdaySchool addresses religious freedoms as basic human rights. In fact, human rights are based on a foundation of both freedom of religion and freedom from religion. We must respect the rights of atheists, religious, superstitious, spiritual, pragmatic, and scientific people alike. I’m not invested in defining GOD or religion. I’m interested in defining and protecting human rights.

Your freedom of religion ends where my freedom from religion begins.

My religious freedom ends where yours begins.


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