#SaturdaySchool: Police Abuses

Classic Poster Redone by Shepherd Fairey

Classic Poster Redone by Shepherd Fairey

Growing up the child of a cop/detective, my first stories of those in uniform were centered around the idea that they were brave men and women dedicated to two goals for the people: to protect and to serve. As I grew older, studied more, and lived a little, I began to feel those words “protect and serve” had less and less meaning when it came to the communities they worked for. I began to get the impression most cops were out to protect and serve themselves. Without a doubt, there are good cops — I still want to believe my father was one of them — but the abuses of power, police brutality, and frequency of excessive force are not protecting or serving us. The time is long overdue to stand against these human rights violations. Review these important resources, share with others, and host your own #SaturdaySchool!

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