#SaturdaySchool: Shameless Sex and Gender

soagi_1Many of us grew up being shamed for the way we were exploring our sexuality or gender as children.  It continues regularly for adults too. This shame of such personal areas of our lives is difficult to hold at bay, but the fight is worth it.  Shame makes it easier to manipulate us — and we don’t need to be ashamed for our sexualities or genders anyway.  It’s a basic human right to have sexual and gendered freedoms.

Please explore the resources here and fight the shame in your own life and past.  Then — talk about it with others. Say something when you hear people being shamed for their sexualities or genders.  Educate the ignorant, who are caught in self-defeating loops of negative messages.  Show compassion on others. Empathize with individuality. Celebrate the freak-flag flyers, the asexual/grey sexuals, the bi and the pan, the femmes and bossy bottoms, and all the combinations of gender and sexuality this big wide world has in it.

NOTE: All resources and discussions related to shameless sex and gender assume and are dependent on the foundation of consent. Shameless sex must involve consent by all parties.  Shame should not be used to coerce anyone to express gender difficulty. We all must have the right to define and perform our sexualities and genders in our own ways.
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