#SaturdaySchool: Advice for New College Students

This week we are sharing useful resources for new and returning college students and their professors. Undergraduate and Graduate students are returning to campuses across the country. Help us help them by sharing your knowledge.

  • What did you wish you knew when you stepped foot on campus?
  • Are you a non-traditional student? How did that affect your first semester?
  • Were you a single parent when you began your graduate program? What resources would you share with someone in a similar situation?

We have collected a few resources below to get you started, but we’ll be adding more from our #SaturdaySchool discussion later.


So What is #SaturdaySchool?


Your Education & You

Navigating Campus

Being a Student, It’s Your Job

Academic & Study Skills You Need to Know

Veteran Grad Students, help us out! What resources should we know about?

Help us out! What hashtags should a new #GradStudent follow? #SaturdaySchool
Which #GradChat tweeps should we be sure to follow? #SaturdaySchool

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