#SaturdaySchool: Sociology Terms and Concepts (L-O)

We continue the #SaturdaySchool series Sociology Terms and Concepts discussion with the letters L through O. Let us know if you see a term or concept that should be in our discussion by posting a comment below.

Labeling Theory

See Our Discussion of Labeling Theory

#SaturdaySchool: Sociology Terms and Concepts (L-O)

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Good morning! #SaturdaySchool returns this week 2 continue chatting about social terms – we will get going 9am ish CSTRhonda Ragsdale
#SaturdaySchool is an informal hashtag chat discussing a variety of topics from college skills 2 human rights – join us!Rhonda Ragsdale
Here r previous #SaturdaySchool chats if u wanna check them out –>> http://funknbeans.com/category/funkademics/saturdayschool/Rhonda Ragsdale
No 1 is ever late 2 my #SaturdaySchool – just watch the hashtag, join in when and if u like, comment any time – it’s all goodRhonda Ragsdale
There’s no dress code and u can play ur own music during my #SaturdaySchool – wacha listenin’ 2 this morning?Rhonda Ragsdale
4 the past several weeks #SaturdaySchool has been reviewing various sociological terms and their meanings, we r returning 4 moreRhonda Ragsdale
Join the #SaturdaySchool chat by using the hashtag so we can track the convo and every1 can join inRhonda Ragsdale
#SaturdaySchool sociological terms A thru K –> http://funknbeans.com/category/funkademics/saturdayschool/ – We r starting w L 2dayRhonda Ragsdale
Here’s more about me and what I do: http://www.rhondaragsdale.com | http://funknbeans.com/ragsdale-puente/ | http://www.blacktownsproject.orgRhonda Ragsdale
Here’s a great previous #SaturdaySchool chat about history of political parties –> http://funknbeans.com/2012/09/saturdayschool-the-history-of-political-parties-in-the-u-s-with-blakeellis/Rhonda Ragsdale
Understanding the terms and ideas people use 2 discuss society makes conversations much more productive #SaturdaySchoolRhonda Ragsdale
Understanding the critiques of social terms and ideas is also very important and worthwhile #SaturdaySchoolRhonda Ragsdale
The 1st term we will discuss 2day addresses the very reason why it’s important 2 consider the words we use #SaturdaySchoolRhonda Ragsdale
labeling theory: idea that considers the way terms/labels affect people and their behaviors and their lives #SaturdaySchoolRhonda Ragsdale
Labeling Theory is important sociological concept that has caused considerable research, debate and discussion #SaturdaySchoolRhonda Ragsdale
Labeling theory considers the way labels affect our identity, influence, social interactions #SaturdaySchoolRhonda Ragsdale
Labeling theory considers the way labels affect our identity, influence, social interactions #SaturdaySchoolRhonda Ragsdale
@nicapamela Can u elaborate on labeling vs naming? #SaturdaySchoolRhonda Ragsdale
Labeling Theory: http://forensicpsych.umwblogs.org/psychological-theories/psychological-theories-2/the-labeling-theory/ #SaturdaySchoolRhonda Ragsdale
@profragsdale labels may not capture the fullness of someone’s experience. It’s a way we try to categorize (1/2)Pamela Jane
What happens when we put a label on some1? Do stereotypes emerge? Does it affect way we think of the person? #SaturdaySchoolRhonda Ragsdale
@profragsdale naming is more the idea that we must break the silence around difficult experiences which tend to be unrecognized (2/2)Pamela Jane
Youth Deviance: The Labeling Theory Approach http://jaims.hubpages.com/hub/Youth-and-Deviance-The-Labeling-Theory-Approach #SaturdaySchoolRhonda Ragsdale
Academic Labeling and its Effects http://www-scf.usc.edu/~sgabay/academic%20labeling.htm #SaturdaySchoolRhonda Ragsdale
Can labels b used n positive way? Can labeling b done n way that builds people up? Is it inherently negative? #SaturdaySchoolRhonda Ragsdale
Can labels b used n positive way? Can labeling b done n way that builds people up? Is it inherently negative? #SaturdaySchoolRhonda Ragsdale
@profragsdale Inherently negative? Don’t know. Perhaps. Inherently limiting, yes. #SaturdaySchoolKevin Gooding
@profragsdale look @ my username.I’m labeling which is limiting but using the labels in a way 2 try 2 escape that. #SaturdaySchoolKevin Gooding
laissez faire: economic arrangement where commerce is given little 2 no restrictions by govt #SaturdaySchoolRhonda Ragsdale
@profragsdale thank you!! It really was. Especially in terms of how it relates to the legal system or btwn terms like"Victim" & "survivor"Pamela Jane
Laissez faire is a French phrase meaning let it be or let it do #SaturdaySchoolRhonda Ragsdale
@Ministorian Yes – mine has a similar effect, I label myself prof but of course I am so much more than that #SaturdaySchoolRhonda Ragsdale
laissez-faire (economics) — Britannica Online Encyclopedia http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/328028/laissez-faire via @Britannica #SaturdaySchoolRhonda Ragsdale
@Ministorian and also not to impose labels on others. #SaturdayschoolPamela Jane
@profragsdale who’s the notable theorist behind it? Seems like modernist #sociology thought. #SaturdaySchoolTheNYGalavant
@TheNYGalavant Labeling theory became popular in 60s w book called Outsiders by Becker but was around long b4 #SaturdaySchoolRhonda Ragsdale
@profragsdale it’s difficult because there is something political behind labelling, esp. at the macrolevel #SaturdaySchoolTheNYGalavant
latent function: unintended or unrecognized functions/results of social behaviors or institutions #SaturdaySchoolRhonda Ragsdale
@nicapamela …The prob comes when the labels become immutable and limiting. Just a thought. #SaturdaySchool (2/2)Kevin Gooding
manifest function: intended and easily recognizable function of social behaviors and institutions #SaturdaySchoolRhonda Ragsdale
It’s 2 simplistic 2 analyze manifest functions of social forces, policies, etc and not consider latent ones #SaturdaySchoolRhonda Ragsdale
looking glass self: the image of ourselves based on what we believe others think of us #SaturdaySchoolRhonda Ragsdale
The Looking Glass Self: http://media.pfeiffer.edu/lridener/courses/LKGLSSLF.HTML #SaturdaySchoolRhonda Ragsdale
Charles Horton Cooley and The Looking Glass Self: http://media.pfeiffer.edu/lridener/dss/Cooley/COOLWRK.HTML #SaturdaySchoolRhonda Ragsdale
The looking glass self is idea that reveals importance of how we perceive opinions of others n our identity #SaturdaySchoolRhonda Ragsdale
@profragsdale Related idea in criminology: secondary deviance. ‘Tis deviance that may result from acceptance of "deviant" label.Michael DeValve
marginalization: the intentional placement of a person/group at margins of society or social resources #SaturdaySchoolRhonda Ragsdale
Marginalization is a form of social exclusion from power, resources, influence, information, etc #SaturdaySchoolRhonda Ragsdale
Examples of the Marginalization of Women and Girls: http://thesocietypages.org/socimages/2011/04/24/35201/ #SaturdaySchoolRhonda Ragsdale
The Costs of Marginalizing People with Disabilities http://www.disabled-world.com/editorials/marginalizing.php via @disabledworld #SaturdaySchoolRhonda Ragsdale
@profragsdale There was a case of IT-related marginalization some yrs ago, when non-English surnames did not get considered for certain jobsA.F.A
misogyny: hatred (or dislike) of women and girls #SaturdaySchoolRhonda Ragsdale
Education alone cannot put a stop to marginalization – it has to be an active & wholistic process #SaturdaySchoolA.F.A
Misogyny: The Sites | Southern Poverty Law Center http://www.splcenter.org/get-informed/intelligence-report/browse-all-issues/2012/spring/misogyny-the-sites #SaturdaySchoolRhonda Ragsdale
Misogyny and Homophobia: http://www.dignityusa.org/content/misogyny-and-homophobia #SaturdaySchoolRhonda Ragsdale
And for .@HappyDae misandry: hatred of men #SaturdaySchoolRhonda Ragsdale
norm/social norm: idea of an expected behavior or social policy of what is expected by large #s of society #SaturdaySchoolRhonda Ragsdale
Social Norms (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy) http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/social-norms/ #SaturdaySchoolRhonda Ragsdale
@AFAlalade I think 4 it 2 become normative, more than a small group must follow the trend or ideas but can start w few #SaturdaySchoolRhonda Ragsdale
@profragsdale thanx 4 sharing SPLC’s misogyny org tracking. I’ve been concerned abt this for a yr. These r hate groups!convo_girl
nuclear family: idea of family that has often defined it as mother, father and children #SaturdaySchoolRhonda Ragsdale
@HappyDae @AFAlalade Sounds like we need a #SaturdaySchool about marginalizationRhonda Ragsdale
objectivity: ability or methodology which removes bias or distortion from a study or analysis #SaturdaySchoolRhonda Ragsdale
Objectivity n social sciences is often nothing more than fairy tale or noble dream – we r subjective creatures #SaturdaySchoolRhonda Ragsdale
We may attempt objective methods, try 2 view evidence objectively but every ? we ask is subjective #SaturdaySchoolRhonda Ragsdale
How we form questions, look 4 evidence, create analysis – it’s all subjective #SaturdaySchoolRhonda Ragsdale
Book Rec: That Noble Dream: The ‘Objectivity Question’ http://www.amazon.com/dp/0521357454/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_dp_bMyEqb0Q7CN2C #SaturdaySchoolRhonda Ragsdale
Some people choose 2 discuss their subjectivity n a study rather than pretend it is objective #SaturdaySchoolRhonda Ragsdale
@profragsdale What if we look at things as a group? Can we then lose the subjectivity?A.F.A
@profragsdale So why not abandon falsification logic altogether? #SaturdaySchoolMichael DeValve
.@AFAlalade I personally do not believe we as humans can remove subjectivity from social sciences, we can be aware of it tho #SaturdaySchoolRhonda Ragsdale
@HappyDae There may b objective methods but the very questions we ask r subjective, the evidence we choose, etc #SaturdaySchoolRhonda Ragsdale
@profragsdale That’s fine, though. Action research and empowerment evaluation can go further, recognizing relativity of truth,…Michael DeValve
Whoopi Goldberg – "Normal is just a cycle on the washing machine." #SaturdaySchoolRhonda Ragsdale
#SaturdaySchool convos are hopping this morning! Give us your thoughts at the hashtagRhonda Ragsdale
Keep up the discussion of sociological terms at the #SaturdaySchool hashtag – the conversation will continue all dayRhonda Ragsdale
We will return next week 2 discuss more social terms and resources 4 another #SaturdaySchool – thanks 4 participating!Rhonda Ragsdale
@Karunaprof @profragsdale Effective as a normative standard for building research methods around; objectivity is separate issue.Jeffrey Alan Johnson

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