Lerone Baker Pursues Misguided Deification of Cassietta George

By: Joseph Middleton

Cassietta George (seen at right) was a gem of the Golden Gospel Era. From her days in the early 1950s with the Songbirds of the South, until becoming one of the longest tenured Caravans, there’s no doubt she reserved herself a great place amongst the top gospel singers in the history books.

Unfortunately, her nephew’s recent actions to honor her name reeks of callousness and ill-hearted intentions. In the past few years, Lerone Baker of Atlanta, GA has released a beyond mediocre, poorly written and poorly researched book that has become both the laughingstock and the bane of the Golden Era Gospel Community. I don’t have to remind you that when it comes to the history Golden Era Gospel, it’s often hard to get correct information when you have different versions of one story coming from different singers. Baker’s book only complicates matters that will make the less informed believe they are receiving correct information. Perhaps this stems from the fact that Baker himself is likely misinformed about the rich legacy of the late Cassietta George.

This misinformation has spread to YouTube, causing the deletion of accounts of friends of the Golden Era Gospel Blog such as DJ and Historian, Linwood Heath, Timothy Williams and Emmanuel Jones. In good news, Linwood Heath recently won his counter argument against Baker and had his account fully restored.

This is a message to Lerone Baker from the Golden Era Gospel Community. STOP. CEASE. QUIT. Or to respond with a case of ungrammatical profundity, SITCHOAZZDOWN! It’s clear that you are only trying to fill your pocket book and not honor your aunt. Cassietta George truly deserves better than the likes of you representing her. If you truly cared about your aunt’s legacy, you would build a platform to raise her up without un-necessarily deriding the names of other members of the Caravans in a libelous manner, publishing outright and easily debunked lies, and claiming works that pre-date your aunt’s birth by over 50 years as being owned by her.

Folks, I’ve done the research, and he’s been claiming songs copyrighted by Roberta Martin and James Herndon of the Caravans among others as being his aunt’s work. Correct me if I’m mistaken, but in addition to being unethical, isn’t that also illegal? Hmm..

To Sonny Austin (son of Roberta Martin), Rev. Herndon, I know you’re probably not receiving the proper dues from those copyrighted works, but you may want to speak to a lawyer. He doesn’t have the right to claim the hard earned works of Miss Martin and others as his aunt’s works.

Lerone Baker, I know you’re reading this, and just know that your unkind deeds WILL be stopped. I’ve got a band of educated scholars and historians, descendants of Golden Era Gospel Singers and even a few Golden Era Gospel Singers on my side and we’re ready to debunk your false claims at every turn. Bring it.

You may view the original posting here:  http://goldeneragospel.blogspot.com/2011/08/how-lerone-bakers-quest-to-deify.html

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  1. Mondo says

    Joe, you are the man. This fool has been at this too long and it’s time that he shuts up willingly or by force!  Kudos brother!

  2. Katherine Harvey says

    Dear Mr . Middleton, my name is Katherine Harvey  the neice and the ture executor/trustee of Cassietta Geroge Estate and I want to thank so much for editorial.  If there is anything that I can do to help in the effort to correct these untruths please feel free to email me at cassietta70@hotmail.com My nephew has gone to far for to long.  I have put legal actions in place and hope to resolve this matter soon.  If you have any suggestion or things that can be done or speed this along please do.  My aunt has contribute a great deal to gospel music and it must be protected in a positive light.  The Caravans have been a part of my life every since I was six years old and I always have had love and respect for them.  They were the badest gospel female group that every set foot on a stage and trust me no one ever wanted to be the next act after them; that’s because no one would be left in the building once they got threw singing:)

  3. Timothy Williams says

    I agree Katherine something needs to be done with him he also had my channel deleted as well and sent me some insulting messages too. He has done this to too many people,he is disrespecting your aunts legacy it’s not helping those who actually appreciate what she brought to Gospel. It’s a group of young people like myself who  appreciate the Vans for paving the way but Lerone puts a damper to all of that. I don’t know if he’s mentally unstable or what be he needs to get over himself because folks actually thinks he crazy!

    • Katherine Harvey says

      Hi Mr. Williams
      Is there any way that you can send me the names or email addresses of the people and music/videos that he has deleted, this way I can send them to my lawyer.  This will help me build even a bigger case against him. 

    • Katherine Harvey says

      His motive is money and wants to be famous.  This I know for a fact.  I’m Katherine Harvey Cassietta Georges’ niece who is the true executor/trustee of Ms. George’ s estate.  There has been legal action taken to put a stop to this, I have been working on this for a while and soon this matter will be solved.

    • Katherine Harvey says

      His motive is money and wants to be famous.  This I know for a fact.  I’m Katherine Harvey Cassietta Georges’ niece who is the true executor/trustee of Ms. George’ s estate.  There has been legal action taken to put a stop to this, I have been working on this for a while and soon this matter will be solved.

  4. Katherine Harvey says

    Dear Mr. Williams you can contact me at cassietta70@hotmail.com and that way  we can talk further.  I’m asking you to please do so.  I also want to get the message about regarding my late aunt, she loved being around youg people.  Trust me Lerone wasn’t even around when Aunt Cassietta became a Caravan and the family keeps trying to tell him these were her sister in Christ, co-workers and friends that she loved and cherised and we loved them as well.

  5. Artisha Harvey says

    God does not like ugly. Lerone knows better than anyone that he is a liar of the worse kind. A liar that does so just for the sake of lying. My Aunt was an AWESOME women nothing more and nothinng less. He will get what’s coming to him soon enough every action has a reaction.


    We have disabled the following material as a result of a third-party notification from Cassietta George claiming that this material is infringing:
    DANIEL STEADMAN- WALK AROUND HEAVENhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l5rR9vpwmm8
    — The YouTube Team
    We certainly did not mean any disrespect to Ms. George and her legacy. Nor did we “claim” any copyright to this song. I personaly have been singing this song for 30 years. I know I didnt write it at 5??? Ms.Harvey I pray continued blessings on your legal journey. Your aunt would be proud.

  7. Leland Carter says

    I am just shocked hearing this man speak in such an ungodly fashion against everyone and everything. He is one of the most disturbing individuals that I have seen behind a pulpit. It is sad to hear someone so filled with bitterness, anger, confusion, and self importance trying to minister to others. He should be proud of his aunts rich history, accomplishments, and his relation to her. However, his pride has turned into an evil obsession. Posting a ton of videos tearing everyone down except his aunt and Diana Ross is just strange. The man is troubled at best. He has some sort of personality disorder. Please get him some help.

  8. Everett Stegall says

    I thought i was the only one that was a victim of Lerone Baker’s venom. I posted some Patti Labelle videos and he has gotten my Youtube Channel suspended TWICE!!
    I tried to email him regarding this and he sent me a VERY HATEFUL and distasteful email full of typos.
    I just happened to finally search to see who Cassieta Baker after seeing all of his slanderous Youtube videos on various musicians only to find this blog

  9. says

    I got my first privacy complaint from utube, regarding a post, “God Leads His Children,” by James Cleveland & SCCC. I used a picture of James Cleveland, Rev.Calvin B. Rhone and Cassietta George, and put their names on each picture. Also used a picture of SCCC. Well, according to the complaint the privacy invasion was @ 0.51, were the 3 pictures start. Now I know James is dead, I don’t think Rev. Rhone would complain about the use of his name and picture, so that leaves just one person to make the complaint. I was warned by someone when I started on this new hobby to watch out for “CassiettaLeroneBaker” so I steered clear of posting anything by Casseitta, or Casseitta with the Vans (my all time favorite group). The video has gotten 1,108 views in 4 months. Why can he just be happy with the fact that people want to keep her memory alive, forever, and loved the things she did. And if he’s a minister, WHY DO THIS? We’re all just trying to spread the gospel of Christ, and some good ole hard to find gospel music.

  10. Tony says

    Sorry to see such a angry man as Lerone. He has spread some vicious rumors about Shirley Ceasar and Albertina Walker being lesbians and it has spread like wildfire. It is hurtful to those who love these ladies to hear such a smearing of their names and reputation. Lerone must know that there is a God who is very real and he will exact punishment on Lerone for this slander against people. Why does he hate the ladies of the Caravan so much? What did they do to him to cause him to become so bitter and mean spirtied? This rumor about Shirley Ceasar got worst after the Miki Howard interview on UNSUNG. As you very well know her mother was a lesbian. I guess that confession by Miki gave some validation to what Lerone had said. He even has people talking about James Cleveland sexual orientation and him being a pedophile. Where is he getting these baseless claims from?

  11. Fleur says

    Thank you for this artticle. I´m not american but i love Gospel, the Caravans… and I was scared to see how only some fool People like this Lerone Baker can try to destroy the legacy of other hard working People deveoted to God. You can´t built a legacy by destroying one.
    He cannot judge People. Only God can judge and quoting all great black names as lesbians and so on… Lord has mercy!!! People don´t deseerve his judgment without proof!!!!

  12. says

    My nephew is very sick young man. When he doesn’t take his medication he’s even worse. The only thing the family can do is to continue to pray for him for he truly does not know what he is talking about when it comes to The Caravans, Shirley Ceaser, Ms. Walker, and most of all not even our Aunt Cassietta George. Lerone was barely out his mothers womb when Aunt Cassietta was with the Caravans. Lerone is just a bitter sick man who is uncomfortable and unsure of who he really is. Every time we get one thing straighten out legally with him he creates something else. I am really getting tired of wasting my money legally with this SICK, UNSTABLE, AND DISHONEST person. Trust me Lerone does not know these people like we new them and our family has always loved and respected the Caravan and always will.

  13. says

    In times like this, we need our Blessed Saviour! Cant we all just get along. The devil is busy. All supposed christians KNOW that we should resist the devil and he will flee. why is everyone feeding into this mess?. Sis. George and all the others are and were great gospel singers. We all fall short at some time or the other. people of GOD.. THIS TOO SHALL PASS!! I JUST HAPPEN TO RUN ACROSS THIS BY ACCIDENT AND WAS SHOCKED AT SO CALL CHURCH PEOPLE.. ‘PRAYER CHANGES THINGS.’ I BOUND ALL THIS MESS UP “IN THE POWERFUL NAME OF JESUS’. amen, amen ,amen

  14. says

    I was warned about her nephew a few years ago. I’ve had to pull down two videos the last “Walk Around Heaven” by Patti Labelle. I was reared on Gospel and got into posting on YouTube to spread knowledge and have Traditional Gospel available for the younger generation. I claim no copyright ownership on any video or posting and have had some groups request to be posted. It’s a shame that greed and dishonesty of the nephew has hurt Mrs. George’s legacy.

  15. Spencer Miller says

    This guy has even taken his aunt’s first name and made it his, on Youtube he calls himself “Cassietta Lerone George” hmm? It is obvious that he is merely trying to promote his untalented self with his deceased aunt’s wonderful and great talant but it is not working and he is making a great big fool out of himself.

  16. says

    I just got another copyright violation from OriginalMalehogany TheLeroneBakerStory whom I conclude is Cassietta George’s nephew..

    YouTube took down the video “To Whom Shall I Turn – Albertina Walker & The Metro Mass Choir”..

    Does this person legally own the copyright to her material?

    • Diane says

      According to the previous posts, no he doesn’t. Since he’s done this….can’t you now sue him? What he’s doing is illegal but it seems everyone is reactive to his shenanigans than PROACTIVE! !! Can everyone he’s affected join and file a class action lawsuit against him? Just asking because something needs to be done. This is lunacy

      • says

        Dear Diane, First let me apologize for my nephews unforgiveable actions. My name is Katherine Harvey Executor/Trustee of Cassietta George’s Musical Estate. I would strongly encourage you to file what every legal suit that will satisfy you. Also I suggest do a counter claim of infringement with YouTube. It seems every time I get one thing legally straighten out with my nephew he come up with something else. You may want to mention in your claim that he has now fraudulently registered my Aunt’s songs at ASCAP as him being the writer and my Aunt as the performer. I have notified ASCAP. Hopefully by the end of this month there will be a legal team in place to finally deal with him. If you need anything from me to help with what ever you want to do please email me at cassietta70@hotmail.com and we can go from there. Anyone else who is seeing this post please do the same in contacting me. Once again I do apologize to everyone who has been hurt by his actions. May God Keep You In Perfect Peace.

  17. says

    This Man is not doing this 4 Money or Fame..He is very Angry His Aunt Cassietta was Ripped off and hurt..She didnt get her Propers or Her $$..She was dis-respected by some of the Caravan members 4 some reason..I saw him in church giving a sermon and singing..He seems 2 Love the Lord and Fear God..He hates the so called LIES REGARDING his aunt..Medication..How do YOU know he takes meds?? IM not taking sides but He is upset about some unfair things done 2 His Aunt..IM sure he is not making all this up..He knows the consequences from The Almighty..He is exposing Lies and Truth..IM wondering about this situation that is all..He cant be all wrong on everything..He Loves His Aunt from what I see..Who Knows but God..The fact that most People are against him seems wrong..He knows things that are The Truth..

    • B Jackson says


      Girl, I AGREE with you! It is something that they are covering up. Katherine Harvey is covering up something, you notice that they have not done ONE tribute to Cassieta. While Lerone has done 13! Did you know that Katherine Harvey is the half-sister of Lerone Baker’s father, William Baker who molested him as a child? Also, Katherine Harvey has an older half sister named Bobbie Jean, who’s a bastard child. Katherine’s mother had an affair with a married man named William Owens and had William Baker, the bastard child who became Lerone Baker’s father. Two bastard children?? What they are not telling you is their mother Katherine Dumas abandoned Lerone Baker’s father when the child was only a few weeks old.

      I read the book, honey (Malehogany: Reflections behind the Purple Rope). Get it, girl at: theleronebakerstory.com

      anybody that knows Lerone Baker knows that he “tells it like it is”. I simply don’t understand why they are going public after all these years. All one hears from Katherine Harvey is about Lerone Baker, when is she going to tribute Cassieta George? If they are truly family, why can’t they sit down and talk about this? It seems to me that all of the people complaining about the removals of the songs are upset because they can’t capitalize off of his aunt’s legacy.

    • Nicole says

      How do you know what’s going on. That’s between him and his family and unless you know all sides to the story ….hush.

  18. says

    Dear Ms. Connie!
    He is all about the money and self, YOU have no idea what you are talking about because YOU were NOT there. This is MY FAMILY and I am legally responsible for what happens to my Aunts music and he was not awarded none of it. What he has been trying to do is fraudulently take it. Lerone was not even born when Aunt Cassietta joined the Caravans, he does not know a thing about the women she worked with. Yes maybe she would have gotten here due money wise “BUT SHE DIED AND MOVED ON TO A BETTER PLACE”. As for him being a man of God, the only thing he is exposing is his naked ass on the internet for the whole wide world to see. There are no lies about my Aunt except for the ones that he is telling. Leorne is only the fifth generation of the family and does not have a clue. No one is against him he’s against himself. Trust me what ever is done in the dark the truth always come to the light, and he is the dark. Now “MAY GOD KEEP YOU IN PERFECT PEACE”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Tony Saldana says

    He took down three of my songs
    Walk Around Heaven All Day-Cassietta George
    It’s Jesus in Me -The Caravans
    To Whom Shall I Turn -The Caravans

    • says

      Dear Tony,
      Let me apologize to you for your troubles regarding your account. My advise to you like the many others is to do a counter claim on him and fight for your account. Also mention in your complaint that he fraudulently registered Cassietta George’s Musical Catalog with ASCAP, also mention the songs that he claimed he wrote (He was not even born/or he was still just an infant) especially the songs that he removed from your account. Please just be patient and soon the lies and misuse of my Aunt Cassietta’s music by William Lerone Baker “aka” Cassietta Lerone Baker will soon be resolved.

  20. Faye Pierce says

    This person will surely burn twice over for the bad things he has said and done, especially against his own aunt and my Pastor, Shirley Caesar.

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