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Overpass Light Brigade - Hands Up Don't Shoot

#SaturdaySchool: Racial Violence and Police Brutality #Sept6CTA

Mike Brown and Eric Garner are just two of the more recent examples of men of color dying at the hands of a police officer in the United States. American history is full of examples of racial violence in the form of police brutality. Today's saturday school discusses not the history of the subject, but ways to address racial violence and hopefully put an end to police … [Read More...]

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Funk & Beans Feature

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@ProfRagsdale and #SaturdaySchool Making Social Media Waves

@ProfRagsdale’s weekly teach-in, #SaturdaySchool, has been a social media agent of change and awareness for more than two years.  Since beginning #SaturdaySchool in 2011, @ProfRagsdale has used @Twitter as a medium to share ideas, expand awareness about important topics such as domestic violence and social justice education, and create a network of like-minded thinkers and […]

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The League of Hashtag Heroes: A Social Justice Hashtags Collection

Although hashtags are often portrayed as superficial and fleeting trends, they are much more than that for many of us. Social justice hashtags are places to meet, share info, and find others with similar beliefs and values. The power of these digital spaces is immense, and those who use them know it. The list is […]


#SaturdaySchool: Shameless Sex and Gender

Many of us grew up being shamed for the way we were exploring our sexuality or gender as children.  It continues regularly for adults too. This shame of such personal areas of our lives is difficult to hold at bay, but the fight is worth it.  Shame makes it easier to manipulate us — and […]


The Politics of Politics in the Classroom

How does teaching intertwine with activism? What about human rights play in the classroom? How much distance should we place between the personal and the professional? These are questions I tackle in my latest entry over at Teaching United States History:   I don’t think there are any easy answers, but I know […]